029 TBH Show: Identity, Ethnicity & Faith with Jodi Girard 
Jodi Girard talks about her shocking DNA discovery that turned her life upside down and how her faith helped her work through her shocking family secret, her new found ethnicity, and her new family.
028 TBH Show: Surviving domestic violence & abuse w/ artist, nurse & fitness model Marcy Corridino
Marcy Corridino is a talented nurse, and fitness model, living in SW Florida. She opens up about her experience with domestic violence, the struggle sexual abuse victims may experience with adult relationships, and finding strength and motivation to overcome.
026 | TBH Show: Dani Doran: Grumpy's Cafe, empowering women, and the healing power of natural cycles
Bradley and Dani connect again to discuss Dani's restaurant, Grumpy's Cafe, the power of natural cycles, it's impact on our physical, as well as emotional well being, and the empowerment of women. Dani also shares her new program designed to empower women through helping them understand their menstrual cycles
025| The Bradley Hall Show w/ Dani Doran (Interview #1) Mindfulness
029 TBH Show: Racial tension in America with Time Faucette. 
023 | TBH Show | Documentary film maker, Owen Schwartzbard on his upcoming NPE documentary
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022 | The Bradley Hall Show | NPE Awareness Month w/ Dr. Paulette Bethel and Amy Ebbeson, LCSW
Bradley, Amy & Paulette discuss the traumatic impact of discovering a misattributed parentage (NPE
021 | The Bradley Hall Show | NPE Awareness Month w/ author of The Lost Family, Libby Copeland
Libby Copeland is an award-winning journalist who writes about culture, science and human behavior. Her book, The Lost Family, published March 3, 2020, looks at the impact of home DNA testing on the American family. A staff reporter and editor for The Washington Post for over a decade, she now writes from New York for publications including The Atlantic, Slate, New York Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, The New York Times, The New Republic, Esquire.com, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Glamour and more.

Find out more about Libby by visiting her website, www.libbycopeland.com.
In part 2 of of my interview with Catherine St. Clair, Founder & Executive Director of the NPE Friends Fellowship, discusses her motivation for creating the NPE Friends Fellowship, what shes learned over the past couple of years and her vision for the organization, and NPE's, in the future.
Teresa opens up about her traumatic childhood, her NPE discovery and how her Christian faith was instrumental in her healing. 
018Part 1Catherine St. Clair 
In the first part of my interview with Catherine St. Clair, Founder & Executive Director of the NPE Friends Fellowship, she shares her own personal NPE experience and how this lead her to start an online support group for NPE's to find each other and help each other grow, and heal.

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Brianne Kirkpatrick is a genetic counselor, DNA coach, author, and founder of Watershed DNA.

Brianne’s combination of skill and compassion enable her to support people in the aftermath of a surprise DNA discovery. She guides people uncovering a situation of NPE (not parent expected), coaches those preparing to share a DNA secret, and assists those attempting to search for biological family find the right path forward.
Kerry Levisky shares her shocking discovery after taking an at home DNA test. Hear her remarkable story of discovering her family secret, finding her new family, and her journey of self healing.
In May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month, Paulette joined the show to speak about the overwhelming number of people that are battling mental health issues and how people like her and I are able to help guide those people back in the right direction.

June is NPE (Not Parent Expected) Awareness Month so it only felt right to release the second half of our conversation at the beginning of June. We discuss our own NPE Discoveries, as well as the effects of an NPE discovery, and how that in and of itself may cause trauma, ultimately affecting our mental health. It is our sincere hope to share our experiences with others so they may find comfort and relief in their own NPE experience.

If there are any questions, feel free to leave a comment. For more information about my coaching services, please visit thebradleyhall.com. My door is always open for anyone who is in need.
Bradley wraps up Mental Health Awareness Month by reviewing the importance of mental health and self care. Then, he kicks off NPE Awareness Month with more about his personal NPE discovery, it's affect on his mental health and what to expect with the first ever, NPE Awareness Month.
013 The Bradley Hall Show: Chris Abert, Founder and Director of the Southwest Recovery Alliance
Christopher Abert is the founder and director of the Southwest Recovery Alliance, a comprehensive harm reduction and disease prevention program. He has over 15 years of professional experience collaborating with people living with HIV/HCV, people who use drugs, survivors of domestic violence, at-risk youth, and people experiencing poverty and homelessness. He is a national harm reduction consultant and trainer, offering technical assistance and guidance to assist communities in building functional capacity to improve the health outcomes of people who use drugs. He presents information on the public health benefits of Harm Reduction, and is passionate about centering the needs of at risk populations while utilizing research based, compassionate approaches to drug use and disease prevention.  

The Bradley Hall Show

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May 2020
012 Mental Health, ACE scores, NPE ft. Dr. Paulette Bethel 
Dr. Paulette Bethel discusses her experiences as a Family Therapist, PTSD, Ace scores and her recent discovery about her biological identity through an at home DNA test.
011 Losing a Child to Addiction ft. Toni Eads 
Toni shares the experience of losing a child to addiction and her personal sense of pain & frustration. She also shares the beauty and light her daughter shared with the world and lessons we can learn from her.
010-2 TV Actor Turned Trauma Recovery Coach ft. Paul Christino 
Part 2 of E.R. actor turned Trauma Recovery Coach Paul Christino. 
009-1 TV Actor Turned Trauma Recovery Coach ft. Paul Christino
90's E.R. actor Paul Christino spent years sifting through his own personal experiences before discovering personal healing and becoming a Trauma Recovery Coach. Listen to his story
008 Overcoming Sexual Abuse & Mental Illness ft. Bobbi Parish
Special guest Bobbi Parish tells her story of overcoming sexual abuse and mental illness and ultimately founding the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches.
007 Trauma & Recovery ft. Will Wissmiller
In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, Bradley sits down to talk trauma and recovery with fellow Trauma Recovery Coach Will Wissmiller.

April 2020

006 How Diet Changed His Life ft. Lloyd Carr
Fitness junkie and vegan advocate, Lloyd Carr, talks about his passion for living a health lifestyle. Lloyd shares with us how #obesity and injury lead him to making small changes that ultimately changed his entire life.
005 How Yoga Saved His Life ft. Forest Spall
After feeling abandoned and alone with his PTSD, Forest Spall recalls how a yoga instructor introduced him to the practice and literally saved his life.

March 2020

OO4 NPE Story: Finding the Blessing in the Truth ft. Alicia
Alicia opens up to talk about finding out her secret, meeting her biological family, and how this traumatic news may have actually helped save her marriage.
003 Megan Scott's NPE Story ft. Megan Scott
I met Megan on the set for CBS Sunday Morning with Rita Braver. She graciously agreed to tell her story about her recent NPE discovery and how it's affected her mental health.
002 COVID-19, Trauma, PTSD, and Recovery ft. Bobbi Parish
Bradley and his special guest, Bobbi L. Parish, Founder of the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches discuss the impact and fall out of COVID-19 and what each of us can do to help ourselves, and each other, through this trying time.
001 Father/Son NPE Experience with Surprise Twist ft. Chris & Jeff
In his first episode, Bradley talks about his NPE experience with his guests, Chris & Jeff as well as their recent discovery. Stay tuned for the surprise twist!

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Bradley has a Masters in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. He earned his Bachelors degree from Indiana University, and an MBA from Western Governors University. He is a certified personal trainer, certified Holistic Life Coach, and ordained metaphysical minister, with a passion for holistic health. He currently serves as the Director of Accreditation for the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches. 

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