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LIT Academy Gold Level Monthly Membership includes access to all gold level courses, generous discounts on all new premium courses, access to instructors, as well as access to an amazing series of monthly discussion and support meetings throughout the month.

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Bradley Hall

Bradley is a certified Trauma Recovery Coach (IAOTRC) and a mindfulness instructor. He has dedicated his life to serving others, including his military service, his career as a firefighter, his thousands of hours of volunteering and community service, coaching athletes for over 25 years, teaching, and mentoring. He has continuously answered the call to help others in their time of need.

Bradley has a Masters in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. He earned his Bachelors degree from Indiana University, and an MBA from Western Governors University. He is a certified personal trainer, certified Holistic Life Coach, and ordained metaphysical minister, with a passion for holistic health. He currently serves as the Director of Accreditation for the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches. 

He utilizes his unique experiences, extensive education and exceptional talents to help others transform and create the lives they desire and deserve.